PS ToughPad 10" DayLight i5 4GB MIL-STD IP65

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Main Features

  • Tablet
  • Screen Size: 10.1"
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7300U
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro

The Toughpad provides crucial port connectivity and is an ideal tool for field workers. Engineered to withstand the hard knocks, drops and spills of real life on the road, this rugged tablet is built to operate flawlessly in every environment from intense heat and sunlight, to pouring rain and freezing temperatures. It features the Intel Core i5-7300U processor that delivers efficient performance. With its capacitive, 10-finger multi-touch display and flexible ports, this device can be used to view high definition documentation and images in the field while benefitting from connectivity options to ensure data is always available when needed.

  • Glove and wet touch mode touchscreen provides a smooth user experience
  • Windows 10 Pro offers enhanced functionality
  • 8 GB RAM facilitates smooth computing
  • 256 GB storage space ensures users have space for important data