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PC for Office, Cashier or Weighmasters (Windows 10 Pro)
Sale price$910.00 Regular price$1,045.00
Save $70.00
iPad 10" (refurb) with Metal Enclosure
Sale price$745.00 Regular price$815.00
Save $101.00
iPad 10" (refurb) with Rugged Case
Sale price$669.00 Regular price$770.00
Save $650.00
Sale price$3,645.00 Regular price$4,295.00
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Refurb - Windows 10 Pro PC 8GB ram
Sale price$550.00 Regular price$630.00
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Refurb Silver Server
Sale price$1,950.00 Regular price$2,240.00
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24-inch NON TOUCH All in One Desktop
Sale price$950.00 Regular price$1,095.00
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PS ToughPad 10" DayLight i5 4GB MIL-STD IP65
Sale price$3,890.00 Regular price$4,470.00
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iPad 10.9" -Wi-Fi (refurb)Generation 10thiPad 10.9" -Wi-Fi (refurb)Generation 10th
Sale price$669.00 Regular price$770.00
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iPad PRO 12.9" with Rugged case
Sale price$925.00 Regular price$2,275.00
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iPad PRO 12.9" with Metal EnclosureiPad PRO 12.9" with Metal Enclosure
Sale price$1,980.00 Regular price$2,275.00
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Panasonic ToughPad 10" Win 10 Pro 8GB DayLight RUGGED - REFURB
Sale price$1,495.00 Regular price$1,720.00